At AFROA Beauty, our top priorities are humanity and sustainability. We wholeheartedly embrace authenticity and strive to bring the potency of the mighty Baobab tree to your home, fostering a distinctive journey towards inner and outer beauty. All our ingredients are sourced 100% naturally and ethically. Our product development is grounded in sustainable practices, ensuring no harm to humans, animals, or the environment.

Unveiling the Timeless Legacy of the ‘Tree of Life’

One of the world’s greatest tree species is at the heart of our story: the Mighty Baobab tree.

Ancient books refer to it as the “tree of life”. Its genus name - Adansonia - honors French naturalist Michel Adanson who arrived in Senegal in 1749. He called Baobab the “largest vegetable creation in nature” and the “most ancient living monument on earth”. The oldest baobab tree is estimated to be more than five thousand year-old. The secret to its extreme longevity lies in its wood that contains a high-percentage of living cells and up to 80% of water giving birth once a year to magnificent white flowers and Baobab super fruits.

The gesture of our craft-women and men is the result of patience and ancestral know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Our products come from the finest African botanicals, hand-harvested with the utmost care. The refinement of our formulas takes you further in your beauty and wellness journey. 

Our brand cultivates and guards the regenerative power of nature.

Prioritizing Our Local Partners

Our brand's legacy is rooted in unwavering commitment to vertical integration. This approach has fostered long-lasting relationships with cultivators and producers we personally know, granting us firsthand knowledge of the natural ingredients fueling our formulas. Our sourcing process is meticulous, as we carefully select environmentally conscious micro-producers in Africa who hold Ecocert certification.

Intentional Design

Our dedication to eco-luxury beauty goes further than just being mindful of the ingredients and formulations, it extends into how we package and ship the products to the consumer. We take great care to ensure that our products come to you in the safest, most environmentally responsible manner.

We intentionally use glass jars as more and more evidence has shown that glass is the safest and most responsible material for beauty care packaging. 

Here are a few of the reasons why:

- Glass protects the product from leaching chemicals 

- Fully recyclable

- Reduces plastic production

- Reusable

Our bottles were aesthetically designed with the full intention to be displayed beautifully in your home and could be reused for other purposes.

Other material used in our packaging is 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR).

A long-standing commitment to sustainability

Sustainably sourced and hand-harvested
Our botanicals grow in the wild and are hand-harvested with care only once a year to respect the nature cycle.

A long-standing commitment to sustainability

Committed to 0 waste production (cradle-to-cradle)
The Baobab fruit is so nutritious that the by-products of our Baobab oil and powder (fruit and seed skin) is used to nourish the animals from local farmers.

A long-standing commitment to sustainability

Reduced carbon footprint
At AFROA, we believe sustainability is the new luxury. We ensure to keep our carbon footprint as low as it can be with a minimalist supply chain.

A long-standing commitment to sustainability

Contribute to the economic growth of the local communities
We work with and order directly from local producers who are organic certified.

A long-standing commitment to sustainability

Clean for the skin and the environment
AFROA only selects ingredients both clean and non-irritating for the skin (no endocrine disruptors) and safe for the planet—which includes the environment and animals. In addition to never testing on animals, we ensure all products are vegan and don’t include animal-derived ingredients found in other skincare.