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Skin Cell Regeneration Oil

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Nourish and revitalize the health of your skin with Pure Baobab Regenerative Face Oil* - nature’s collagen booster and natural moisturizer, an exquisite African treasure to add to your skincare routine.



  • Stimulates collagen production beneath the skin’s surface
  • Replenishes the moisture and restores skin’s elasticity
  • Revitalizes and brightens the skin’s complexion
  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Soothes acne breakouts, Dermatitis and Eczema
  • Suppress inflammation beneath the skin’s surface
  • Protects the skin from oxidants and free radicals


A light and silky texture that is non-greasy, easily absorbed by the skin, providing a comforting, velvety sensation while remaining non-pore-clogging. The smell will transport you to the enchanting realm of Baobab forests.


*From the seed of the fruit of the majestic Baobab tree in Senegal. Hand-harvested, responsibly sourced, extracted using advanced extraction methods and filtration to ensure that purity, stability, and nutrients remain intact. Vegan, cruelty-free, and certified ECOCERT Organic.

Active Ingredient

BAOBAB OIL  — rich, natural source of lauric acid to support the microbiome + replenish overall skin moisture. 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Baobab Seed Oil (ECOCERT Organic Certified)

Apply Guide

Apply morning and evening, after the Radiance Rescue Serum. To optimize the Baobab Oil's results, experiment the power of a consistent facial gesture by AFROA.

Step 1: apply to the face and press with your hands on the cheeks and forehead.

Step 2: place your fingers on your jaw, slide upwards and press down for three seconds. Repeat this step upwards over the forehead.

Step 3: place your index finger on your upper lip and your middle finger under the lip. Press for three seconds, release and slide your fingers towards your ears.



Skin Cell Regeneration Oil
Baobab Face Oil
Skin Cell Regeneration Oil


A single-origin luxury face oil that contains extracted using advanced patented supercritical extraction methods (high pressure) and modern filtration to ensure purity, bio-availability, stability and full potency remains intact.

AFROA Skin Cell Regeneration Oil is a skincare powerhouse due to its rich omega fatty acids, pivotal in skin cell regeneration. This process not only replaces damaged cells with healthier ones but also contributes to a more youthful complexion. This remarkable oil supports collagen synthesis, crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and reducing fine lines. Its natural healing properties expedite wound healing and repair skin issues like scars and stretch marks. The oil's high antioxidant content safeguards skin cells against oxidative stress, preserving their integrity and promoting healthy function. 


At the heart of AFROA's exceptional comprehensive care, there lies a mesmerizing tree intertwining with the essence of time: the baobab. A majestic presence in the flora realm, it showcases remarkable longevity, with some trees reaching even a thousand years old. Recognizing the immense potential for skin enhancement, AFROA pioneered the first skincare line centered around a singular key ingredient: the Baobab. Seasoned specialists dedicated their expertise to unleash the full potential of this extraordinary fruit within the remarkable AFROA Skin Radiance complete care range.